These are some of my favourite art related websites and ones I visit often.

International Artist
A valuable resource.

Contemporary Art Society
A website showcasing the Society with history, members list, news and upcoming shows. LINKS to members personal websites.

Dusan Kadlec
A modern master - his work marine is an inspiration to a devoutee of  NELSON!

Tim Wilmot --- Great watercolour Demos

Jack Reacher
A series of  novels I've been reading.

John Rebus

A series of  novels I've been reading.

Enzo MacLeod

A series of  novels I've been reading.

Roger the Legend
My favourite song writer from the greatest band ever!!

Heavens Above
What satellites will fly overhead tonight?

My Hero  - Horatio My Horatio

Admiral Lord Nelson

This is a concise overview of the greatest leader of men - see my feeble attempt to capture my hero - NO he did not sit for me!

My Boy

Greatest physicists of all time

Prof. Brian Cox
  -  wonderful modern presenter of physics  -and admirer of the GREAT FEYNMAN

Home Flight Simulator -- great hobby of mine

Greatest BAND of all TIME!!!!!!!

and my BOYS Again